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Nataliia Tkachuk: Building cyber resilience and rebuffing the aggressor is a common task with EU countries

Image 3 .jpegNataliia Tkachuk, Secretary of the NCCC, Head of the Information and Cybersecurity Service of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, took part online in the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDig), an annual pan-European forum dedicated to informal and inclusive discussion of Internet governance policy issues with the participation of all stakeholders.

EuroDig started on 17 June in Vilnius. The event was organised by the Lithuanian Communications Regulatory Authority in cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Transport and Communications, Economy and Innovation, the Committee for the Development of the Information Society and the NGO GoVilnius. This year, the key topic of the event was "The Balance of Innovation and Regulation".

According to the organisers, in the context of russia's large-scale aggression against Ukraine, the European Union assesses all risks of escalating cyber threats and works to strengthen digital infrastructure. Malicious acts know no national boundaries and are not limited to a single target. Therefore, European countries, while continuing to boost their own defence capabilities, draw attention to the importance of working together to achieve the goal of building collective cyber resilience. This makes it a priority to create a collective defence that is much stronger than what any one actor could provide.

In a panel discussion entitled "One for all, all for one: the role of cooperation to enhance cyber resilience in Europe", participants discussed various aspects of cooperation to enhance European cyber resilience.

During her speech, Nataliia Tkachuk shared successful examples of such cooperation on the part of Ukraine both at the international level and cases of public-private partnership in the context of cyber warfare.
"russia will continue its cyber aggression against both Ukraine and the EU countries. Building cyber resilience and rebuffing the aggressor is our common task. Only in partnership with states, international organisations, and civil society will we be able to resist the enemy," she stressed.

The session will result in a number of best practices related to cybersecurity cooperation, as well as further cooperation between Ukraine and the EU countries to increase the level of cyber resilience of the participating countries and partners.