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Review of approaches to ensuring cybersecurity in the notary sector is a must

photo2.jpgSerhii Prokopenko, Head of the National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, took part in the conference: "Search for Effective Ways to Protect Information in the Unified and State Registers and Other Information Systems Used by Notaries of Ukraine to Perform Their Functions".

The event was organised by the Notary Chamber of Ukraine. The event was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, NAIS, IT companies and cybersecurity experts.

photo1.jpgIn his speech, Serhii Prokopenko focused on effective solutions to counteract phishing, which is one of the main types of cyberattacks faced by notaries and state registrars. He stressed the need to implement measures to improve cybersecurity and strengthen protection in all notary information systems.

photo3.jpg"Notaries are in the crosshairs of financially motivated cybercriminals and hacker groups controlled by russia's special services. It is necessary to immediately introduce a centralised security system that will ensure effective counteraction to modern threats. The NCCC is ready to assist the Notary Chamber of Ukraine and the Ministry of Justice in resolving this issue", - said the Head of the Department.

Among other things, the conference discussed current cyber threats and ways to protect against them.