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Nataliia Tkachuk: Rehearsing sectoral and interagency cooperation in responding to cyber attacks is becoming more than relevant and necessary

5e6f200f-43e2-430e-9cd2-a4da593fd487.jpgNataliia Tkachuk, Head of the Information Security and Cybersecurity Service of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, took part in a table-top exercises (TTX) aimed at developing a mechanism for responding to situations caused by cyber and hybrid threats in the energy sector.

The event was held within the framework of Cyber Security and Energy Resilience project of the Development Cooperation Partnership (DCP, round 10), co-funded by the US Embassy in Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. The project is implemented by the International Cyber Academy and the European Cyber Security Initiative in coordination with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

The exercise was attended by about 25 subject-matter experts from the fuel and energy sector.

"The practice of conducting table-top exercises in Ukraine has been introduced by the NCCC and enshrined in the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine. These exercises help pinpoint weaknesses in the cyber threat response mechanism and eliminate existing gaps. Furthermore, sectoral TTCs play an important role, particularly in the energy sector. Amid the escalation of cyber aggression by russia, which has even begun to coordinate cyber attacks with missile attacks on critical infrastructure, such exercises are becoming ever more relevant and necessary", - said Nataliia Tkachuk, opening the event.

The NCCC team will seek to continue to cooperate with partners at both the national and international levels to strengthen cybersecurity and the resilience of Ukraine's national cybersecurity system.