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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

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russia is terrorising major cities in eastern and southern Ukraine: NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Lytvynenko meets with former Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

37fbbf32-cebb-44f3-aa5e-e71c84478172.jpgrussia is seeking to destroy the Ukrainian energy sector with its missiles and drones. This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Lytvynenko during a meeting with former Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on Tuesday, 2 April. The parties discussed the current situation in Ukraine.

da794885-5bbb-408d-91dd-9877ded40983.jpg“russian strikes aim at intimidating people. Our task is to defend our cities that is extremely difficult without Western support’, – he said.

The parties also discussed the geopolitical situation in the world. In particular, they touched upon the elections in the European Union and the United States.

4b0db2d0-0459-416a-ac77-8d0d56c20bbd.jpgKolinda Grabar-Kitarovic emphasised the importance of countering russian information campaigns, as well as russia’s attempts to destabilise the situation, particularly in the Balkans.

In summary, former Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović assured of unwavering support for Ukraine on its path to victory over the Russian aggressor.