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Oleksii Danilov: Oleksii Danilov: Ukrainian Crimea will never surrender, it will always resist

Krym_Danilov_1.jpegDear friends, dear Ukrainians.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Day of Resistance to the Occupation of Crimea. A day that is important for the whole of Ukraine and every Ukrainian.

A day that will have its logical continuation in the celebration of the Day of Liberation of Ukrainian Crimea.

This time will come, our defenders at the front are bringing it closer every day, every minute.

The more we destroy the occupiers, the closer we are to the Victory and to the time when Ukrainian flags will be raised again in Crimean cities and towns.

I would like to remind you that the battle for Ukrainian Crimea is one of the central battles of the entire Ukrainian War for Independence.

“It all started with Crimea, it will end with Crimea”. And it is true.

The events of 26 February 2014 became an important milestone in the history of Ukraine and proved that Ukrainian Crimea will never surrender, it will always resist.

And this resistance will continue until the last russian scum, the last occupier, is expelled from Ukrainian land, including Crimean land, and the name of russia is forever cursed.

I thank everyone who is helping the Ukrainian Defence Forces to bring our Victory closer, those who are resisting the occupation.

We will fight and we will definitely win.

Glory to Ukraine!