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Enhancing the cyber resilience of the regions: NCCC launches “Vulnerability Management” training for specialists of Regional Military Administrations

Vulnerability management 20022024.jpgAs part of enhancing cybersecurity measures at the regional level, the National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, together with the National Bank’s Cyber Defence Centre and with the support of CRDF Global in Ukraine, launched Vulnerability Management Training (VDP for “Vulnerability Disclosure Programme”) for representatives of regional military administrations on 19 February 2024. The programme involves more than 70 technical specialists from all regions of Ukraine.

“Improving the level of cybersecurity in the regions is one of the NCCC’s priorities. After all, the vast majority of critical infrastructure facilities are located in the regions of Ukraine, and the matter of their cyber defence is of utmost importance now. During the training, the best Ukrainian trainers will provide specialists with theoretical and practical knowledge in seven areas. Participants will be able to improve their qualification level and skills in the field of cybersecurity of information systems”, – said Serhii Prokopenko, Head of the NCCC Support Department of the NSDC Office, opening the event.

The VDP training will last for seven weeks. During the training, cybersecurity specialists will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of network technologies, assessing compliance with best practices, testing information systems and web applications for vulnerabilities, and working out how to communicate incidents and vulnerabilities.

The VDP aims to improve practical skills in identifying vulnerabilities in information systems and ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity in key cybersecurity actors, government agencies, critical infrastructure facilities and other organisations within the framework of public-private partnerships.