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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

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Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s Staff meeting: Drones, rounds, frontline situation, fortifications, energy

Stavka_02022024.jpegI have chaired a Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s Staff meeting. Today we have five issues.
The first is Ukrainian drone production.
The plan for 2024. Contracts have been increased. We have planned an additional budget for drones and will ensure its implementation.
Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov and Defence Minister Umierov made reports.
Overall, more than 90% of the drones at the front this year are of domestic production. I am grateful to every Ukrainian company that works for our strength. I thank everyone who trains drone operators. I thank every volunteer who helps.
Second, rounds. Production and import.
We are also increasing contracts. And we are speeding up the production process.
The Minister of Defence will make a report. I thank everyone who works round the clock at the production facilities.
Third, the situation at the frontline. All key areas.
Avdiivka is particularly difficult. Chief of Defence Zaluzhnyi and the area commanders Moskalov and Sirskyi reported.
I thank all Ukrainian soldiers who are holding their positions and destroying the enemy. We are working with our partners to give Ukrainian soldiers more strength.
Fourth, fortifications.
Building up fortifications.
Prime Minister Shmyhal’s report on funding. Report of the Minister of Defence on the timing of tasks. We are implementing it quickly. I thank everyone involved.
The fifth issue on the agenda is energy.
Recovery from Russian strikes, physical protection of the energy sector, our systemic steps. Detailed reports.
The government – Shmyhal, Kubrakov. Energy companies – Chernyshov, Kudrytskyi. We are going through this heating season steadily.
I am grateful to all our energy sector employees and to every soldier who is defending Ukraine from russian missiles and drones.
The resilience of our country and each of its systems is a prerequisite for Ukraine’s strength.