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The NCCC, Ministry of Veterans Affairs and CRDF Global launch Cyber Defenders programme to reintegrate Ukrainian veterans

Cyber_defenders_012024.jpegThe National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity (the “NCCC”) at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine and the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, together with the U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global) are launching the Cyber Defenders Reintegration Programme. The initiative aims to promote the professional development of Ukrainian veterans (both males and females) in cybersecurity domain.

The main goal of the Programme is to create conditions for the veterans to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to build a successful career in cybersecurity. The initiative provides comprehensive training in cyber defence and cyber security areas, as well as support in finding employment in the public sector or the opportunity to work in Ukrainian cybersecurity institutions.

Cyber Defenders Programme includes:

The Programme offers equal opportunities for participation to all veterans, including those with war injuries, traumas or disabilities. Veterans who will be staying in Kyiv for the duration of the training and whose health condition allows them to study effectively online and/or offline (4 hours daily) are eligible to participate. They also need to have at least A2 level of English and basic knowledge of cybersecurity or IT.

The training will start on 12 February 2024 after the candidates have passed two stages of selection.

You can register for the Programme until 26 January 2024 at the following link: https://forms.gle/n8qfe5KXLBC5N6QN6

Cyber Defenders Programme will become an important step towards the reintegration of the veterans into modern society, contributing not only to their personal development but also to strengthening Ukraine’s cybersecurity system.