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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

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With the support of the US and UK governments, the NSDC Office together with Marsh McLennan consulting company is working on the development of the Transformation Strategy of Ukraine

Marsh McLennan 1.jpegWith the support of the governments of the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine held an online meeting with the Board of Directors of Marsh McLennan and Oliver Wyman, the world's leading strategic consulting companies. During the meeting, the participants discussed a number of issues, including the programme of military risk insurance in Ukraine, the work of the grain corridor, and the development of the Transformation Strategy of Ukraine.

Andrii Ziuz, Head of the NSDC Office, thanked the UK government for its facilitation in making the cooperation with Marsh McLennan and Oliver Wyman possible. He also expressed the gratitude to the companies and especially to Marsh McLennan President and CEO John Doyle for the joint work, their support, commitment and contribution to Ukraine's victory.

Marsh McLennan  2.jpeg"Despite the pain, suffering, grief and huge losses, this war brought Ukraine a chance to get rid of the Soviet heritage that hindered the development of our country. Therefore, the transformation process that we are working on together with Marsh McLennan should fundamentally change the approaches to Ukraine's post-war recovery," he stressed and added that the development of the Transformation Strategy is under the personal control of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

During the conversation, Andrii Ziuz presented the data platform for analysing military risks in Ukraine, which was implemented in the COTA IAS. According to him, its users are the world's largest leaders in the insurance industry, including the world's leading insurer Lloyds.

The meeting also focused on further steps of cooperation in insuring military risks in the field of air travel and business travel to Ukraine, as well as large-scale insurance of investments in the recovery of Ukraine.

Marsh McLennan  3.jpegThe participants of the meeting also discussed the situation with the grain corridor. The United Kingdom's assistance was also important in the process of restoring the grain initiative. After all, Ukraine and Great Britain agreed to set up a special ship insurance mechanism.

Oliver Wyman representative Crispin Ellison noted that last year more than 1,000 ships had used the Black Sea grain corridor, which added 5-8% to Ukraine's GDP growth. Today, the Ukrainian grain corridor in the Black Sea has reached its pre-war capacity.

For his part, the Chief of Staff emphasised the cooperation with Oliver Wymen experts: "It was a pleasure to work with your team on the grain insurance deal which brought significant political results for Ukraine."

The participants focused on the development of the Transformation Strategy of Ukraine. They stressed that the idea of the Strategy is to create a single communication platform between Ukraine and its partners.


For reference:

Marsh McLennan is a global professional services firm that provides insurance brokerage, risk management, reinsurance, investment advisory and management consulting services. In June 2023, Marsh McLennan announced that it would work with the Ukrainian government to help it open up access to the global insurance market and create a platform that would provide data needed to assess the war risks in Ukraine.

Oliver Wyman is a consulting company. Ukraine works with international insurers, including this company, to ensure the operation of the grain corridor. Oliver Wyman advises Ukraine on these matters on a pro bono basis.