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“National cyber preparedness 2023”: the NCCC held strategic level table-top exercises (TTX)

13122023_teaching4.JPGThe National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity (the “NCCC”) at the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine held the third annual strategic level table-top exercises (TTX) “National cyber preparedness 2023”. The exercises are aimed at strengthening the national cybersecurity system. All the NCCC members, as well as representatives of Ukraine’s cybersecurity actors took part in these exercises.

During the exercises, experts practiced mechanisms and skills for making strategic decisions in response to large-scale cyber attacks and special information operations going with such attacks. The simulation scenarios contained a variety of threats that could pose a challenge to the national cybersecurity, including attacks on supply chains, public registry infrastructure, communications, private and public sector information systems, leakage of confidential information, etc. For the first time, the scenario included a task to practice offensive measures of13122023_teaching2.JPG active cyber defence.

“One of the goals of the event was to identify gaps in the procedures for joint response, strategic communications and coordination during crisis situations in cyberspace and planning of cyber operations. Based on the results of the TTX, the NCCC will make appropriate decisions to strengthen the capabilities of the national cybersecurity system of Ukraine”, – said Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Serhii Demediuk.

13122023_teaching3.JPGNataliia Tkachuk, Head of Informational Security and Cybersecurity Service of the Office of the NSDC of Ukraine, Secretary of the National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity, noted that table-top exercises (TTX) are one of the key elements in building up the resilience of our country’s cybersecurity system.

“For several years in a row, table-top exercises (TTX) have been proving to be effective. When preparing the scenario, we take into account current threats and challenges so that the entire security and defence sector is ready to respond in a coordinated manner in the event of an escalation by the aggressor country”, – emphasised the Secretary of the NCCC. 

The annual strategic level table-top exercises (TTX) are envisaged by the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine, approved by Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 447/2021 dated 26 August 2021. The exercises, inter alia, used the Procedure for Interaction of Cybersecurity Entities in Response to Cyber Incidents/Cyber Attacks, approved at the NCCC meeting on 22 September 2022.