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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

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russian hackers targeted embassies all over Europe – report by the NCCC

The embassies all over Europe, including Italy, Greece, Romania, Azerbaijan, have been the target of heavy cyber attacks by a notorious group APT29 suspected of working for russian foreign intelligence. This is stated in the latest report of the NCCC.

What do we know about APT29?

APT29 advanced persistent threat cyber-espionage group has been operating since at least 2008, and covers many countries, that stresses its global reach and strategic intent to penetrate embassies. The main focus is on obtaining information needed for decision-making in foreign policy and defence domains.

The main weapon in their arsenal is the recently discovered vulnerability CVE-2023-38831 which affects WinRAR software. APT29 uses seemingly innocuous decoys that give attackers access to victims’ systems.

State-sponsored groups are working hard to compromise mission-critical organisations.

Read the full report to understand tactics of APT29 and strengthen your defences against evolving cyber threats.

Read the report [ENG].

Read the report [UKR].