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Oleksii Danilov: Drastic transformation of Ukraine’s energy system is a top priority

Drastic transformation of Ukraine’s energy system is a top priority. It brings challenges, and at the same time opens new opportunities”, – said Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleksii Danilov today, on 24 October, during the 8th  Ukrainian Gas and Power Forum “New World Energy Architecture and Green Transition”.

Addressing the participants of the event, he noted that the issue of Ukraine’s energy security got aggravated with the outbreak of russian invasion and enemy unabating attacks at energy facilities. If it is not addressed, we will have problems not only in the economy.

“We realise all current challenges and problems. We also understand that for a long time, certain sectors of our economy were under full control of russia. It is a huge challenge for us. If we do not overcome these challenges, Ukraine will not develop, as the energy sector is the backbone of the economy and, accordingly, the backbone of a democratic society”, – emphasised Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine.

According to Oleksii Danilov, integration of Ukrainian energy system into the unified European energy system remains a top priority. That is why it is important that the experts attending the Forum discuss the reforming of the energy sector, and its integration with the European markets.

“For us, energy is the matter of national security”, ­ resumed Oleksii Danilov, and added that the Office of the NSDC of Ukraine is open for cooperation.

For reference: Ukrainian Gas and Power Forum is an international conference which for the eighth year in a row brings together government officials, market participants and subject-matter experts to search for the answers and practical recommendations in the domain of energy security, “green” transition and energy market. For the first time, apart from gas issues, the Forum will address the electricity sector including distributed generation (solar, wind power, storage stations and “smart systems” construction).

The Forum is held with the participation of government officials from Ukraine, the EU and the United States, market participants representing the largest Ukrainian energy companies, top-ranked subject matter experts.