Ваш браузер є застарілим і не підтримує сучасні веб-стандарти, а так само становить потенційну загрозу вашої безпеки.
Будь ласка, встановіть сучасний браузер

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine24.10.2023, 11:33

NCCC research: Number of russian cyberattacks using malware has increased

NCSCC analyzed the surge in attacks by Russian cybercriminals using Smokeloader malware.

Since May of this year, Ukrainian financial and government organizations have been targeted by the multifaceted malware, whose functionality includes methods of anti-analysis, data theft and remote control.

Attackers use financial topics in their campaigns to lure and deceive victims. They also use a network infrastructure dominated by Russian domain registrars, which indicates the geographical origin of the cybercriminals.

The threat landscape in Ukraine has thus evolved into arena, with financially motivated cybercriminals joining the fray alongside state-sponsored actors.

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