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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine13.10.2023, 20:40

To endure the winter and deliver a powerful rebuff to Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities is the focus of all efforts now – President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address

I wish you good health, dear Ukrainians!

Today is a working day in our city, Odesa.

The visit of Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and his team. Our negotiations. There is a decision regarding missiles for the 'Patriots' – the Netherlands is providing additional missiles. Today, we also discussed with Mark other joint steps for Ukraine's defense.

Particular attention to the defense of Odesa, our entire South – from the Danube ports to the ports of Greater Odesa. We discussed the protection of our export corridors in the Black Sea. The world recognizes Ukraine's global role as a guarantor of food security. It firmly supports the need to preserve and enhance our significance in this issue.

The social stability of many countries directly depends on Ukraine's strength.

Today, we were in the port of Odesa. We received briefings from military and government officials about our unity with the world market and the protection of the Ukrainian Black Sea waters. I held a meeting regarding the situation in Odesa region with law enforcement leaders, regional authorities, and military leadership. The key focus is, of course, preparation for winter, safeguarding the energy sector, and rebuilding what was destroyed by Russian attacks. I am grateful to everyone who is working to ensure the safety of our people. The work of everyone in the government system and our diplomats is currently aimed at enduring the winter and delivering a powerful rebuff to Russian attacks on the city of Odesa, Odesa region, the cities of the region, and the entire Ukraine. More protection will be provided to our state.

Today, I had the honor of visiting our warriors who are recovering from injuries. Together with Mark, we spent time with them and talked to them. I presented state awards to the military and the doctors who are helping them.

I met with the cadets of the Military Academy in Odesa. A great conversation. Thank you, guys, for your attention and your questions. Boys and girls – you're doing great.

Today, in Odesa, I addressed the participants of the meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force – a format of regional cooperation in northern Europe. The United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Norway. The meeting took place on the Swedish island of Gotland, which is a significant signal, a very symbolic place for leaders to discuss the security of Europe and the long-term reliable defense of our countries and people. Looking at the map, one can immediately understand why Russian state propagandists called for the capture of this island. Gotland is control over the entire region, and Russia is also trying to destabilize this region. When I addressed the Swedish Parliament in 2022, at the beginning of the full-scale war, I spoke precisely about how important it is to be strong for everyone in Europe, in all parts of the continent, in every such strategic point like Gotland, which determines common security. By the way, I'm grateful for the joint statement of the leaders of the Joint Expeditionary Force today. It's a strong statement. Support of Ukraine, especially in our path to NATO and clear condemnation of Russian aggression. And the readiness to assist us as needed to win the war.

Thank you!

And a few more things.

Today, we signed a Protocol with Moldova regarding joint border control at the Kuchurhan - Novosavitskaya railway crossing point. This is another route for our exports, an additional transport corridor that will undoubtedly strengthen our entire region. Thank you, Moldova!

I also want to thank our warriors today – those who defend our skies. Especially in the southern part of the country. Our firing groups. The 13th Separate Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun Battalion, the 5th National Guard Brigade, and the 14th Radio Technical Brigade. Thank you, warriors!

Glory to all who is fighting for Ukraine! Thank you to everyone who is helping us! Thank you, Mark, for your visit and today's negotiations, for all your support!

And thank you, Odesa! We will definitely rebuild everything that Russia has destroyed.

Glory to Ukraine!