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Major international and Ukrainian cybersecurity news in July 2023

The United States is in the process of modifying its cybersecurity policy and adapting it to current challenges. For the first time in the history of US cybersecurity strategies, a public Implementation Plan has been developed and approved. It consists of 65 initiatives managed by responsible government agencies that will increase the resilience of the cybersecurity system and counteract primarily Chinese and russian threats. At the same time, the White House is trying to renew the staff responsible for cybersecurity in the country.

This month, Ukraine's agenda included the development of cyber diplomacy and improving the effectiveness of the implementation of the tasks set out in the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine, which were discussed at a meeting of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center at the NSDC of Ukraine. As part of the implementation of the Cybersecurity Strategy, the Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine developed and approved the Guidelines for the response of cybersecurity entities to cyber incidents. The National Cluster for Information Resilience was established, and a Cyber Communications Workshop was held for public sector communicators in the field of cybersecurity.

On July 11-12, a NATO summit was held in Vilnius, where, among other things, attention was paid to cybersecurity issues. The documents adopted by the summit participants are classified, but expert publications and statements by Alliance representatives suggest that it is about strengthening cooperation with the private sector, the constant presence of military cyber specialists in networks, not just during international armed conflict, etc. In an interview with the media, NATO Representative Christian-Marc Lieflander called on the Alliance to take a "proactive" stance in cyberspace.

Ukraine's cybersecurity sector is actively integrating into the international community. For example, during a visit to NATO Headquarters on the eve of the Vilnius Summit, the Ukrainian delegation shared the lessons of the ongoing cyber war and presented needs and proposals for future cooperation with NATO in this area. During the visit to Brussels, the parties discussed the organization of the third round of the EU-Ukraine cyber dialogue, Ukraine's progress in harmonizing its national legislation with EU cybersecurity legislation, and areas for further cooperation. Ukraine also once again took part in NATO's annual interoperability exercise, and cooperation with some European analytical organizations was initiated.

China and russia continue to conduct cyber operations. Both countries are focused on espionage activities (with an emphasis on European countries). russia additionally conducts cyber espionage operations in support of its military aggression, trying to get to the correspondence of diplomatic staff - the latest operations RomCom RAT and Cozy Bear were aimed at this.

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