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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

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NCSCC deepens cooperation with leading cybersecurity company Recorded Future

Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Serhii Demediuk, Head of the Information Security and Cybersecurity Service of the Staff of NSDC of Ukraine, the NCSCC Secretary Natalia Tkachuk and Head of the NCSCC Support Service of the NSDC Staff Serhiy Prokopenko  discussed ways to deepen practical cooperation between the NCSCC and Recorded Future CEO and co-founder Christopher Alberg during a working meeting.

"Today, cyberattacks are a full-fledged component of russia's war against Ukraine. And to win the cyber war, we use all available resources - we constantly interact with leading companies and governments of democratic countries, strengthen cooperation to exchange information, conduct training, and counter russian aggression together. It is only through joint efforts that we can accelerate Ukraine's victory and defeat our common enemy. And we are grateful to Recorded Future for their help and appreciate their support," said S. Demediuk.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Recorded Future has provided intelligence to protect Ukraine's critical infrastructure and assisted in the investigation of russia's war crimes. The company has also opened access to the Intelligence Cloud software platform for more than $10 million.

For reference: Recorded Future is the world's largest cybersecurity company. Recorded Future's cybersecurity cloud provides complete coverage, including adversaries, infrastructure, and targets. Headquartered in Boston with offices and employees around the world, the company works with more than 1,500 companies and government organizations in more than 64 countries.