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Trends and new opportunities in the field of cyber security in 2023 were discussed at the XVII meeting of the National Cyber Security Cluster

On February 21, 2023, the XVII meeting of the National Cyber Security Cluster was held on the topic "Cyber Security 2023: Trends, New Opportunities and Prospects." The event was organized by the National Cyber Security Coordinating Center in cooperation with the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation with the support of the US State Department.

Opening the meeting, Head of the NCCC Support Service of the NSDC Staff Serhiy Prokopenko noted that the National Cyber Security Cluster as a coordination measure has shown its effectiveness. Thanks to it, state institutions and critical infrastructure objects received the necessary support, in particular through grant programs. And in 2023, the Cluster team will continue this work.

"In 2022, thanks to the coordinated joint work of the public and private sectors and international support, Ukraine has proven its resilience in cyberspace. We are now seeing a decrease in the number of cyberattacks compared to last year, but the level of threats has not decreased. After all, enemy attacks have become more sophisticated and complex, and carry greater risks. Therefore, the issue of cyber security remains one of the main ones on the agenda and in focus at all levels - from technical specialists to managers of all cyber security entities," said Serhiy Prokopenko.

Serhiy Prokopenko presented the priorities, technological projects and plans for the NCSCC in 2023. He also thanked international partners, in particular the US Civilian Research and Development Fund, the US State Department, for their constant support.

"The national cyber security cluster has been successfully operating for three years. During this time, we proved that, first of all, coordination, partnership development and openness to interaction build a reliable foundation for the sustainable development of the national cyber security system. Together with our partners, we are relentlessly working on building effective ways to strengthen Ukraine's cyber defense. This year, we will continue to hold regular meetings of the Cluster, but we are planning to change the format and go to the international level," said Mykhailo Verych, head of CRDF Global's operations in Ukraine.

More than 300 representatives of the public sector, the international and donor community, embassies and private institutions joined the discussion of trends and new opportunities in the field of cyber security in 2023. Among the key speakers of the event are representatives of the Ministry of Digital, the NATO Representation in Ukraine, the Center for Engineering Research and Development of the US Army, the Australian company Internet 2.0 and others.