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Oleksiy Danilov: In Ukraine - the anniversary of the National Resistance, and in the russian federation - fragmentation

For a year of Resistance, Ukrainians have demonstrated their courage and indomitability to the whole world. We are an outpost not only for Europe, but also for the entire civilized world. This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, on the air of the “Suspilny” on Tuesday, February 21 of this year.

Speaking about US President Joe Biden's speech in Poland, Secretary of the NSDC expressed gratitude to the American people for supporting Ukraine.

Instead, Oleksiy Danilov called putin's speech with the annual message to the federal assembly of the russian federation "putin's worst speech in 20 years." "There is no thunderous applause and there won't be any more. People present at the federal meeting are complicit in the process, because they support their dictator," he noted.

russia, Secretary of the NSDC added, is considering a new plan "B" for Ukraine, which consists in giving up part of our territory for the so-called "peace". "This is unacceptable, because the Constitution of Ukraine clearly defines the borders of our state," Oleksiy Danilov said.

Commenting on russia's statements regarding the suspension of the treaty with Washington on strategic offensive weapons, Secretary of the NSDC emphasized that "russia has long since withdrawn from international law."

"In russia, domestic legislation dominates over international legislation. And intimidation with a "weak nuclear baton" is the agony of putin's fascist regime, which is doomed to defeat," Oleksiy Danilov added.

Today, the occupiers, emphasized Secretary of the NSDC, "have no success from a major offensive." "They are trying to attack in five directions, but our defenders are giving a decent rebuff to the enemy," he noted.

Answering a question about Ukraine's counteroffensive, Oleksiy Danilov emphasized that it will take place when the Supreme Commander-in-Chief's Staff makes a decision based on the reports of our military, intelligence, and other representatives of the security and defense sector.