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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine30.01.2023, 09:37

The Rector, teachers and cadets of the National Academy of Security Service of Ukraine were awarded with the honors of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

On the anniversary of the establishment of the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine, Deputy Secretary of the National Security Service of Ukraine Serhiy Demedyuk presented awards to its employees and cadets.

"First of all, I want to thank the cadets, boys and girls who are currently helping the state fight the enemy and punish the guilty in the future during the war. After all, your invaluable experience and ideas will contribute to the development of the system of national security and defense of the state. I also want to note the Academy's volunteer activities and thank its management, every teacher, employee who continues to train future specialists in such a difficult time for the country," said the Deputy Secretary of the NSDC.

For effective cooperation with the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center at the NSDC of Ukraine in the interests of the national security and defense of Ukraine, a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of cyber security, high professionalism, initiative and perseverance of the rector of the Academy Andriy Chernyak and the teachers of the institution were awarded the awards of the NSDC of Ukraine.

"Together with the SBU National Academy, we have already started several educational courses and trainings. Academy cadets, who will work in the field of cyber security in the future, train and practice their skills on the basis of the NCSCC technical site. Together we develop scientific activity in the field of cyber security. And I thank the Academy for its cooperation and significant contribution to the development of the National Cyber Security System of Ukraine," said the Head of the Information Security and Cybersecurity Service of the Staff of NSDC of Ukraine, the NCSCC Secretary Natalia Tkachuk.

Also, on the occasion of the holiday, Serhiy Demediuk thanked the cadets of the Academy who were most active in cooperation with the NCCC for their diligence and perseverance in learning, initiative and support for the activities of the NCSCC during the legal regime of martial law.