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Oleksiy Danilov: In the near future, important defense decisions will be made for each region

In the near future, important defense decisions will be made for each region of Ukraine. This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, on the air of the national telethon (TV-channel "We-Ukraine") on Wednesday, January 25 of this year.

"The russians are now in maximum concentration, they are preparing for an offensive. We understand that within a month, one and a half to two months, they will start active actions, using all the maximum resources that are available on the territory of the russian federation. This is not a surprise for us," Oleksiy Danilov said .

In addition, he noted, russia is trying to involve agents of influence inside Ukraine, criminal authorities, etc., to destabilize the situation, Ukraine may be subjected to powerful information attacks in the near future.

"The fifth department of the fsb continues to work on the territory of our country. There are attempts to attract criminal authorities, especially in the Kharkiv region, who are currently in the United Arab Emirates," Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine emphasized.

At the same time, Oleksiy Danilov warned against thinking that "victory is already in our pocket," calling such an attitude "very dangerous." "We need to prepare, very carefully monitor all events on the territory of our cities," he said.

In this context, Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine announced that at the next meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, it is planned to make important defense decisions for each region.

"We will go through everything with such partners and such support," he said.

Answering a question, Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine said that now in the russian federation, all facilities where putin was or may be are equipped with air defense systems. "I don't know how much of this metal junk they used, but believe me, it won't help them. There will be more and more threats for them," said O. Danilov.

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine reminded that in 1987 the German sportsman Mathias Rust landed on red square in moscow. According to him, today in Ukraine, if necessary, "there is someone to go to red square, and there is something to send there."

According to him, the "hot phase" of the war will end immediately after russian troops leave Ukrainian territory. "And then we will deal with these scoundrels and terrorists," he added, saying that other countries, such as those whose citizens were killed in the downing of flight MH-17 in 2014, would join the relevant legal proceedings.