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HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine12.01.2023, 15:24

Oleksiy Danilov: Soon a war for power will begin in russia

A war for power will soon begin in russia. This was stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, on the air of the national telethon (TV-channel "Rada") on Thursday, January 12 of this year.

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine said that since yesterday "certain personnel processes are taking place", "there are internal disputes between the armies that are in russia." "Representatives of prigozhin and kadyrov are being eliminated - meaning surovikin. And this is just the beginning," he said.

According to him, soon the "internal armies" of the russian federation will begin to clarify their relations, especially considering the fact that putin's health is rapidly deteriorating.

"First of all, it is a struggle for power. Secondly, we should not forget that gerasimov is the head of the general staff of the russian armed forces, and the new appointment is an increase not only in his position, but also in general, the stakes that exist in this war, - said Oleksiy Danilov. - In addition, they used both the personnel and the beauty, and after they became unnecessary, they were moved."

According to him, internal disputes in the russian federation will intensify, and "the only question is when the relationship with the use of firearms and armored personnel carriers will begin to be clarified within the garden ring."

Answering a question about the next wave of mobilization in the russian federation, Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine noted that this process has not stopped, and the repressive actions of the russian authorities against men of draft age will intensify.