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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine11.01.2023, 16:33

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov met with Secretary General of the Estonian MFA Jonatan Vseviov

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov held a meeting with Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia Jonatan Vseviov. The Estonian delegation also included Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Estonia to Ukraine Kaimo Kuusk.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the further development of Ukrainian-Estonian cooperation and the strengthening of Estonia's support of Ukraine on its way to victory in the aggressive war unleashed by the russian federation.

Mr. Danilov expressed his sincere gratitude to the Estonian side and the Estonian people for the comprehensive assistance provided to our state. "We greatly appreciate Estonia's help and support - you were among the first to lend us a shoulder, particularly in the early days of the full-scale invasion", - he said.

According to Secretary of the NSDC, after the victory in this war and the liberation of all occupied territories, Ukraine together with its allies "should become an outpost of democratic development and cooperation". "We should jointly create such a security architecture that russia would not even dream of encroaching on foreign territories", - he said.

In his turn, Mr. Vseviov expressed gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for their daily struggle and heroism. According to him, "aggression as a tool of statecraft cannot be legitimized", and Estonia supports the full territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders.

Secretary General of the Estonian MFA also assured of the readiness to further comprehensively support Ukraine, in particular by increasing sanctions pressure on the aggressor state – russia, supporting Ukraine in the international arena, providing our country with economic and military assistance, as well as helping to bring the russian federation to justice for war crimes and crime of aggression.