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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine07.01.2023, 20:06

Chaired by Presindent Volodymyr Zelensky, a meeting of the NSDC of Ukraine was held

On January 6, 2023, a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine was held under the chairmanship of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

During the meeting, the results of the activities of the NSDC of Ukraine in 2022 were discussed.

In total, during 2022, 43 meetings of the NSDC of Ukraine were held, at which 58 issues were considered.

The decisions regarding the defense of Ukraine during the full-scale invasion of the russian federation became the most important for the country, namely:

Of February 24, 2022 - on the establishment of martial law in Ukraine, the announcement and conduct of general mobilization, the creation of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the implementation of the Defense Plan of Ukraine and the Unified Plan of the Territorial Defense of Ukraine;

Of September 30, 2022 - regarding the actions of Ukraine in response to russia's attempt to annex the territories of our state, with the aim of guaranteeing the security of the Euro-Atlantic space, Ukraine, and restoring its territorial integrity.

Of November 26, 2022 - on the provision of electronic communication services under martial law;

Of December 23, 2022 - on measures for the development and use of domestic satellite navigation systems in the interests of the security and defense of the state.

Important decisions were made regarding sanctions policy and russian agents of influence:

Of March 18, 2022 - on the suspension of the activities of certain political parties, on the implementation of a unified information policy in the conditions of martial law, on the neutralization of threats to the information security of the state;

Of May 11, 2022 - on the forced seizure of objects of property rights of the russian federation and its residents in Ukraine;

Of June 29, 2022 - on the approval of the Regulation on the Register of persons who have significant economic and political weight in public life (oligarchs), the procedure for its formation and management.

Also during the meeting, the Plan for consideration of issues at the meetings of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in 2023 was approved.

In 2023, it is planned to pay considerable attention to the development of the defense-industrial complex for the period until 2026; ensuring the stability of the functioning and development of the national economy in the conditions of martial law; information security in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine; protection and ensuring the safety of the functioning of critical infrastructure and energy facilities of Ukraine in the conditions of military operations, etc.

Also, considerable attention will be paid to issues of the development of science and technology, and innovative activities.