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Main international and Ukrainian news in the field of cyber security for December 2022

The cyber security of critical infrastructure (CI) is in the center of attention of both national actors and the private sector. Countries are significantly strengthening the responsibility and requirements for the OKI regarding mandatory reporting of cyber attacks.

Cyber training is becoming an increasingly prominent tool for coordinating the actions of various stakeholders in crisis situations. It is expected that this format will only expand, taking into account the internationalization of cyber threats, the increase in their scale and geographical coverage.

Cybersecurity experts confidently point to the fact that ransomware will remain the main challenge of 2023. Strong cyber activity is forcing states to strengthen mandatory reporting processes for cyber incidents. At the same time, more and more attention is paid to small and medium-sized businesses.

Critical infrastructure is still the most desirable target for attackers. The number of attacks against educational institutions, hospitals, industrial giants, and government institutions is only increasing.

Ukraine remains the focus of attention of russian hackers. Also, the spread of their cyber activities beyond the territory of Ukraine continues, as well as constant attacks by them from countries or organizations that support the Ukrainian state. A likely target could be the global energy infrastructure.

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