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Oleksiy Danilov: Soon the kremlin will return to its sacred place - the swamp

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, is convinced of the irreversibility of russia's disintegration. He stated this during the broadcast on December 2 of this year. on the YouTube channel "There is a question".

the russian dictator, the Secretary of the National Security Council emphasized, is destroying the russian federation with his own actions. "In 2003, Putin began encroaching on Ukrainian territories, taking an active part in the election process, contributing in every possible way to the victory of the pro-russian candidate," he noted.

O. Danilov emphasized that russia is a totalitarian country that colonized a huge number of peoples, destroying their language, history, and traditions.

For this, he added, "the russian federation will bear responsibility and will eventually end up in its sacred place - the swamps."

Instead, the Secretary of the NSDC stressed, "the number of partner countries in Ukraine is growing, and the russians do not even imagine what awaits them after our victory thanks to international aid." Answering the question to what extent the liberation of the right-bank Kherson Oblast brought Ukraine closer to the deoccupation of Crimea, O. Danilov noted that "every square meter liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine brings us closer to the moment of liberation of our entire land."