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In the NSDC Staff discussed the issue of restoring Ukrainian broadcasting in the liberated territories

October 28 of this year an interdepartmental meeting on the restoration of Ukrainian broadcasting in the liberated territories was held in the Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine under the chairmanship of the Head of the service for information security and cyber security of the NSDC Staff Nataliya Tkachuk.

"Providing domestic broadcasting is an important component of the fight against russian fakes and propaganda. The first thing that the actions of the russian invaders during the seizure of the territory of Ukraine are aimed at is the complete blocking of access to true information and the destruction of the corresponding infrastructure. The development of complex and operational measures to restore broadcasting in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine is the primary task of the state in the field of information security", N. Tkachuk emphasized.

According to the technical director of the Radio Broadcasting, Radio Communication and Television Concern Serhii Semerej, as of October 28 of this year. broadcasting was fully restored in the liberated Sumy and Chernihiv regions. Currently, active restoration and stabilization works are underway with the aim of establishing the television and radio broadcasting system in Kharkiv region. At the same time, the issue of ensuring access to information for residents of Kherson and Kherson region remains problematic.

The main obstacles to the restoration of broadcasting in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine are the destruction of high-rise buildings, as well as the lack of electricity supply or its unstable connection.

The participants of the meeting discussed and agreed on practical steps to solve the problematic issues of access of citizens of our state in the liberated territories to the domestic information product. This work will continue within the framework of the activity of the relevant working group created and functioning under the NSDC Staff.