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HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine26.10.2022, 13:48

With the assistance of the NCCC, representatives of the security and defense sector bodies began training on the implementation of OSINT tools

The head of the information and cyber security service of the NSDC Apparatus of Ukraine - the secretary of the National Cyber Security Coordination Center Natalia Tkachuk together with the rector of the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine Andriy Chernyak opened a training course for security and defense sector bodies on the implementation of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools in the public sector.

The course was organized by the Institute of the Post-Information Society with the assistance of the National Cyber Security Coordination Center and the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine.

About 100 representatives of government agencies of the security and defense sector will take part in the course, who will learn the basic techniques and principles of open source intelligence, tools and services used for OSINT, including Google tools, photo search, deanonymization methods in the network Internet, monitoring of social networks and messengers (Telegram channels), construction of relationships graphs, etc.

"Despite the difficult times for our country, right now, more than ever, we need to build the capabilities of the security and defense sector to counter threats from a terrorist country. Information and cyberspace has long been transformed into a battlefield. And social networks, and telegram channels, and actually, information in this war also become a weapon. Therefore, we must be ahead of the enemy in terms of the quality of training and the ability to give a decent fight back," N. Tkachuk emphasized.

The rector of the SBU Academy told the participants about the strengthening of the analytical component in the training of future operatives of the Service, in particular, through in-depth study by the students of the OSINT field. "We are developing cooperation with various institutions and organizations that specialize in OSINT technologies. There is also ongoing work with the NCCC, in which our cadets and employees are involved. Thanks to the mastering of the OSINT toolkit, there are already examples of successful implementation of our information by operational units of the SBU," A. Chernyak emphasized.

Interaction with the private sector and leading educational institutions of Ukraine is one of the priorities of the NCCC in the field of building the potential of the state's national cyber security system.