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Ukraine is successfully integrating into NATO at the level of logistics

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov and Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov presented the first results of the LOGFAS logistics program implementation to ambassadors and defense attachés of donor countries that help Ukraine in repelling russian aggression.

In particular, during the presentation, it was noted that as part of these efforts, Ukraine introduced the NATO logistics accounting and control system LOGFAS.

Thanks to the integration of the LOGFAS system with the module of the “COTA” information-analytical system for monitoring the supply of weapons to Ukraine from partner countries, full control of each unit of weapons entering the territory of Ukraine is ensured.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov pointed out that the implementation of this software has two dimensions. “First of all, this will significantly raise the accountability of all processes related to the use of weapons and other resources. We started the implementation of international aid accounting to ensure transparency and high efficiency of its use. Secondly, we prove that even during the war, the defense sector of Ukraine is developing. We are increasing interoperability with NATO at the level of standards and procedures. My statement that Ukraine has already become a de facto member of NATO is not an exaggeration. And we will persistently move on. Let me remind you that at the last meeting in the Ramstein format, our partners highly appreciated Ukraine’s efforts to ensure control at all stages of the supply and use of weapons”, - the Minister of Defense said.

He emphasized that the implementation of LOGFAS eliminates the ground for any concern because it is a standard of accounting and planning in the Alliance countries. Preserving the trust of our partners is a priority for us.

According to the NSDC Secretary, the use of these systems by the defense forces of Ukraine will contribute to the most effective and transparent cooperation between our state and partners, “whose help is vital for our victory in the war with the russian federation”.

A roadmap for LOGFAS scaling up to the end of 2022 and into 2023 has already been approved. As a result, this program will become one of the main tools for digitalizing logistics in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will provide logistical planning not only for international aid but also for a complete list of resources available in the AFU

In addition, more than 300 LOGFAS operators have already been trained for the AFU. By the end of November, 350 Logfas operator positions will be deployed to cover all levels from strategic command to brigade level.

Improving the logistics system will increase the combat capability of our troops.

Therefore, three levels of accounting for the supply and use of weapons have been launched in Ukraine: the NATO LOGFAS program, the new program for accounting and logistics of military equipment “Karavai” and the module of the “COTA” IAS.

For reference:

LOGFAS (Logistic Functional Area Services) is an integrated set of software systems developed to support NATO logistics and has been in use since 1995. The Service allows users to collect, store, process, analyze, display, and distribute information to support logistics operations. LOGFAS is now successfully used to support NATO’s logistical support during operations and exercises.

The module of the “COTA” for monitoring the supply of weapons to Ukraine from partner countries was put into effect on February 24 of this year. It allows monitoring new arms deliveries by status (for example, ready for shipment, on the way, or received by the AFU) and donor countries, analyzing arms deliveries in time, by periods of adoption, donor countries, compliance with NATO standards, classification to Soviet weapons samples, etc. The module provides for the possibility of calculating the supply of ammunition to weapons units, monitoring the implementation of supply plans, and distributing the received weapons.

The “Karavai” system is the result of the joint work of digital teams from Ukraine and the international community. It was created to manage the process of submitting applications for aid from Ukraine and the process of processing these applications by partner countries. A transparent process allows for identifying what aid is needed, specifications, etc.

The use of the platform will increase the efficiency of interaction between Ukraine and its partners, as well as speed up the logistics process and the process of managing the aid that Ukraine receives.