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Ukraine is developing cooperation with the EU Agency for Network and Information Security

The head of the information security and cyber security service of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Committee Nataliya Tkachuk and Deputy Head of the State Special Liaison Viktor Zhora held a working meeting with the director of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) Mr. Yuhan Lepasar.

During the meeting, which took place as part of a visit to the ENISA headquarters, organized by the Cybersecurity East Project with the assistance of the Council of Europe, prospective areas of cooperation and the need to develop a road map for the development of cooperation were discussed.

Ukrainian experts emphasized that for our country establishing practical cooperation with ENISA and obtaining a special partner status will be an extremely important step on the way to European integration and the need to harmonize national legislation in the field of cyber security with European legislation.

In turn, Mr. Lepasar noted that such a partnership would be mutually beneficial, given Ukraine's unique experience in countering cyber threats, which is important for EU member states.

The issue of cooperation with ENISA was discussed in September this year during the second round of cyber dialogue between Ukraine and the EU in Warsaw with the participation of all the main subjects of the national cyber security system of Ukraine.

Effective international cooperation is an important condition for strengthening the capabilities of our state to counter cyber threats from a terrorist country, as well as a key to building an effective international cyber security system, noted N. Tkachuk.