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Oleksiy Danilov: All organizers of pseudo-referendums and "observers" have been identified and will be held accountable

All 32 organizers of pseudo-referendums in the temporarily occupied territories and so-called "observers" have been identified and will be held accountable. Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov emphasized this on Radio Svoboda.

The NSDC Secretary drew attention to the fact that such a number of citizens, who allegedly participated in these pseudo-plebiscites, is simply not present in the temporarily occupied territories. The pro-kremlin media, Mr. Danilov stressed, gathered a crowd and shot a staged video, acting out a comedy about the so-called "new russia".

According to him, a small number of foreign "political tourists" took part in this farce; they are illegally staying on the territory of our country, as they did not cross the Ukrainian border through official checkpoints.

The NSDC Secretary stated that the so-called referendums will not have any legal consequences, since the right to organize referendums in Ukraine belongs exclusively to the Central Election Commission of Ukraine, and expressed hope that the civilized world will also respond to them adequately.