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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine22.08.2022, 13:13

The Head of the NSDC Staff presented the modern information-analytical system "COTA" to the People's Deputies of Ukraine

Head of the Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Ziuz presented the information-analytical system "COTA" (the "COTA" IAS) to the People's Deputies of Ukraine.

He noted that the "COTA" IAS is a modern information-analytical system used by the top military-political leadership of Ukraine.

"According to the legislation on information protection, the "COTA" system has three contours of information processing: publicly accessible, for official use, and secret. We have signed more than 40 agreements with central executive bodies and with other state bodies on the exchange of information and the possibilities of its processing", - Mr. Ziuz said.

Mr. Ziuz emphasized that the NSDC Staff monitors the state of national security in key directions: military security, public security, economic, social, and environmental components. The NSDC Staff experts have also developed a portal on russia's war crimes, which includes, among other things, space survey data.

For reference: The modern information-analytical system of the Main Situation Center of the country "COTA" (the "COTA" IAS), was developed and put into operation by the Staff of the NSDC of Ukraine. It works with Big Data, provides storage, combination and analysis of data from various sources to improve the quality of decision-making and effective monitoring of the state of national security in 20 main directions in order to effectively coordinate the activities of state bodies.