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Specialists of the NSDC Staff took part in an online discussion on the topic: "Cyberjura: approaches to pre-conscription training of young people in the conditions of modern war"

Specialists of the Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took part in an online discussion on the topic: "Cyberjura: approaches to pre-conscription training of youth in the conditions of modern war."

During the discussion, specialists of the NSDC Staff, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, heads of regional organizations and institutions engaged in national-patriotic education, local history and tourism of school youth emphasized the need to deploy a new system of pre-conscription youth training based on modern dual-use technologies.

Serhiy Dubovytskyi, head of the social and humanitarian security service of the NSDC Staff, emphasized the importance of the discussion.

"The relevance of the raised issue is due to the consequences of the large-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine. In fact, two wars are currently going on in Ukraine, the first is with the enemy, and the second is for the future of our children. It is, in particular, about the possibility of using modern cloud GIS technologies during education in institutions of general secondary education, as one of the approaches to the national-patriotic education of young people," he noted.

Taking into account these challenges, the participants of the meeting are convinced that clear positive signals should be given to Ukrainian society in the form of systemic projects at the national level. They believe that one of these projects, among others, could be the introduction of mass game scenarios with schoolchildren through the Cyberjura project. It is about the creation of Ukrainian cyberspace (geo-information projects of the life paths of historical figures), modeling of historical events (general tactical training and dismantling of imperial myths), command and staff games on the organization of summer camps and tourist trips (school of intelligence, analytics and management), environmental protection ( monitoring and analytics) etc. based on modern information and communication technologies.

"In the conditions of war, we need to learn to respond adaptively to changes in the strategy and tactics of the enemy. National-patriotic education is the main part of pre-conscription training of young people, but without modern commutative technologies, it is profanation," vice-president of the International Academy of Geoinformatics Ivan Galenko noted.

The participants of the discussion emphasized the importance of developing the defense consciousness of the youth, the need to introduce a moratorium on the closure of out-of-school education institutions and reduce spending on their needs.

National-patriotic education and the use of the "Cyberjura" project in the conditions of network-centric and cybernetic wars, they summarized, will help to properly respond to threats and challenges, protect the national interests of Ukraine.