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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine10.05.2022, 19:43

NCSCC: russia is an aggressor in the cyberspace

The russian federation is an aggressor country attacking Ukraine not only on our land, but in the cyberspace too.

russian hackers have been waging war against Ukraine in the cyberspace for the past eight years. Their activity is constantly increasing. As of today, cyberattacks make a full-fledged element of the russian war against Ukraine. Starting this year, russian hackers have been increasingly active in attacking Ukrainian information systems.

Their purpose is to damage and destroy, to wipe out data, to deny Ukrainian citizens’ access to public services as well as to destabilize situation in the country, to spread panic and distrust in the authorities among the people. russia has launched at least several malware families upon Ukraine since the beginning of the year: WhisperGate/WhisperKill, CaddyWiper, Hermetic Wiper, Industroyer2, DoubleZero, etc.

Besides, russia uses cyberattacks to create a humanitarian disaster in Ukraine, since hackers are trying to disrupt operation of the energy sector, emergency services, communications, logistics.

russian hackers pose a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the whole world.

Ukrainian information resources are a major target for the russian military. They use cyberattack methods, tested on Ukrainian resources, in other democratic countries of the world. Cyberattacks, designed to damage Ukrainian resources, can affect information systems of other countries as well, because there are no borders in the cyberspace. A number of EU Member States suffered from the cyberattack on the Viasat satellite system a day before the invasion, February 24, aimed at disrupting communication for Ukrainian users.

Information systems of countries and institutions helping Ukraine during the war are being attacked as well.

Politically motivated hacktivists, controlled by the russian government, are engaged in attacks on Ukraine and other democracies alongside the military hackers.

Ukraine is using all the available resources to defend itself. The best Ukrainian and global experts are involved in cyber defence of Ukrainian information systems. Governments and commercial companies of most democratic countries are offering us their assistance. We really appreciate this help and are grateful to everyone. We are strong and able to withstand today thanks to it.

But this is not enough, because the aggressor is not going to stop. All the countries should unite their efforts to stop the aggressor, to make it impossible for them to keep attacking and be held responsible for their actions. Only sanctions, coordinated activity, awareness of public institutions, businesses and citizens can help us reach this goal and truly achieve peace in the cyberspace.