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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine01.04.2022, 21:06

The main theses of the speech of Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov on-air at the national telethon 01.04.2022

putin wants to destroy Ukraine;

When the Russian Federation collapses, which will occur after this war, the territorial integrity of other countries must be restored. Japan will get its four islands of the Kuril ridge, which were taken away from them after the Second World War, maybe Poland will want to take Kaliningrad;

When Mr. peskOv or pEskov, a man with a mustache, says that the situation with Belgorod is not conducive to negotiations, the question arises, is it conducive to negotiations when our children and women are killed? These are sick people.

I don’t not understand at all how and what can be agreed with them when they do not allow establishing evacuation corridors during the negotiations so that civilians can be evacuated? And they lie to the whole world that they are eliminating some Nazis. Where they found them, I don’t know;

Russia is redeploying troops to further strike Ukraine;

The enemy should not be underestimated, we will face difficult trials, many battles are ahead;

Ukraine will win, but we are still on a way to our victory;

Internal contradictions are piling up in Russia;

It is not excluded that the enemy might use chemical weapons on the territory of Ukraine;

What happened in Belgorod can happen all over Russia;

No civilized country in the world wants to communicate with Russia;

8 decisions have been worked out to be submitted at the NSDC meeting, which will take place shortly;

Our society, our people have a spirit that helps us to win. Today our nation is born again;

The main guarantor of our security and independence is the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Victory will be ours.