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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine24.08.2021, 11:03

With the assistance of the NSDC Staff, the State Tax Service is implementing an Interactive tax map of Ukraine

The interactive tax map of Ukraine allows to receive up-to-date tax information on aggregate indicators taxes paid, accrued tax liabilities, amounts of tax debt, overpaid taxes, and taxes which are paid and will be accrued in subsequent periods; all this can be done online at any time without contacting the State Tax Service.

Information is provided for Ukraine overall and with breakdown into:

- regions;

- territorial communities;

- types of economic activity;

- taxes;

- types of budgets;

- taxation systems;

- organizational and legal forms;

- type of payer (individuals and legal entities);

- payer status (large, medium, small business, and non-profit budget institutions).

At the next stage, it is planned to implement the opportunity to display diagrams, indicators for the reporting date compared to the previous period, and to create passports of territorial communities.

The tax map is already available to users on the web portal of the State Tax Service and in the open part of the Electronic Cabinet, as well as at the link: https://map.tax.gov.ua.

Link: https://tax.gov.ua/media-tsentr/novini/494507.html.