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O. Danilov: Сombining the efforts of the security and defense sector subjects and civil associations, we will be able to repel the hostile cyberattacks

Combining the technological and informational efforts of security and defense actors and non-governmental organizations we will be able to repel the hostile cyberattacks. This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov in his speech at the online conference "The digital transformation of the state: prospects and risks of the cybersecurity" on Friday.

According to the NSDC of Ukraine’s Secretary, modern digital technologies will be "gaining momentum and need to be protected". "The digitalization process is ongoing, the Internet is spreading all over the country, cybersecurity challenges will grow exponentially and we must be ready for that", - he said.

Danilov noted that cyberattacks of different levels are occurring almost around the clock, and mostly from abroad. According to him, the hardware and software complex, which works in the Staff of NSDC of Ukraine, is "monitoring these processes". "If earlier the attacks have taken place mainly from the territory of the Russian Federation, today many Asian countries added to the geography of the attackers", - he said.

"The state must protect cyberspace at the legislative level", - Danilov said and added that a set of laws have already been approved to achieve this gals. These laws provide the creation of an integrated cybersecurity system.

Herewith he emphasized that civil association’s representatives and specialists from the private sector are actively involved in the development of this system.

The Secretary of the NDSC also reminded of the Decree of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky of January 28, 2020 which significantly strengthened the capabilities of the National cybersecurity coordination center under the NSDC of Ukraine.

"The NCCC was developed in a short term and had become a real "hub", a powerful analytical centre for monitoring, detecting, neutralizing, forecasting and preventing potential cyber threats", - he noted.

Among the problems that should be solved, O. Danilov called the necessity for the training highly professional specialists in the field of cybersecurity. "For today, there are almost no institutions to train such specialists. We produce many lawyers, managers, and as for the cybersecurity, which is basic important thing for our country, our education unfortunately does not meet these challenges", - the Secretary said.