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The ceasefire regime in Donbas: the seventh day without heavy weapons shots and combat losses

According to the Main Situation Center at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the ceasefire regime in Donbas has been in place since midnight July 27, 2020, and isolated cases of its violation are not systemic.

Unlike the previous “Christmas”, “harvest”, “school” and many other announced ceasefires, which lasted several days, today is the seventh day of the ceasefire without heavy weapons shots and combat losses.

The collection, accumulation and processing of information on the situation in the JFO zone are provided by the COTA software and hardware complex, which allows for a comprehensive analysis to prepare and make decisions in the sphere of national security and defense. In such a way, according to the COTA, before the ceasefire was announced, daily shelling reached 16-18 times, the vast majority of which were precision fire from heavy weapons – artillery, mortars, anti-tank missile systems, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and sniper weapons. Weekly losses of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were 2 - 3 dead and 6 - 8 wounded. Occupational groups suffered similar losses.

Commenting on the ceasefire in Donbas, Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov expressed hope that the agreements reached by the Trilateral Contact Group would be further carried out and that any attempts to discredit peace initiatives, including provocations along the lines of conflict, would be repelled.

“We hope that the ceasefire will be a significant step towards the end of the war and the return of our territories”, - he stated.