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HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine15.05.2020, 14:34

Oleksiy Danilov: The SC “Ukroboronprom” should play a key role in providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with modern weapons and military equipment

Plans to reform the SC “Ukroboronprom” should be significantly improved to take into account the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the context of functioning of the defense-industrial complex, current global trends in armaments and equipment and international cooperation.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov stressed this during a meeting with the management of the SC “Ukroboronprom”, dedicated to the current state of affairs of the Concern.

Mr. Danilov reminded that changes in the organization of the defense-industrial complex (DIC) are provided by the NSDC decision of 18.02.2020 “On the key indicators of the state defense order for 2020 and 2021, 2022”, enacted by Presidential Decree of 27 February 2020 № 59. The relevant tasks are assigned to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which under the law is the subject of managing state property in the DIC.

“Unfortunately, today we can state that there is not enough thorough understanding on the part of some government officials of the importance to implement the NSDC decision of 18.02.2020 in terms of establishing a central executive body responsible for formulating and implementing state military-industrial policy and managing objects of state property in the defense-industrial complex”, - he said speaking in this context for the introduction of the post of the Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Space Industries.

The NSDC Secretary welcomed the initiative to reform “Ukroboronprom” but stressed that the main moderation of this process should be performed by the Government to which the Concern is subordinated, in particular, the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture.

Oleksiy Danilov emphasized the need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the activities of each enterprise of the SC “Ukroboronprom” to evaluate its potential to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and competitiveness in the global market of weapons and military equipment.

“It is necessary to assess the potential and prospects of each enterprise of the Concern. We need to determine who can be their strategic partners, given the situation on the global market of weapons and military equipment”, - he said adding that all steps towards reforming the defense industry should be “as public as possible”.

According to the NSDC Secretary, it is also important to implement NATO technical standards for the production of armaments and military equipment in Ukraine, scientific and technical development of the industry, preserve existing human resources and train new specialists. Enterprises should focus on producing modern equipment while maintaining and developing critical technologies and creating closed production cycles where appropriate, he said.

“Our task is to make efforts for as many defense companies as possible to regain their feet and have prospects”, - Mr. Danilov stated.