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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine06.09.2019, 14:34

Civic technology expert Denys Gurskyi appointed adviser to the NSDC Secretary on information security

Civic technology and open data expert Denys Gurskyi was appointed adviser to Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Danyliuk on information security.

Mr. Gurskyi's main task in this position will be to participate in the development of strategic programs for enhancing information security under the implementation of the National Security Strategy of Ukraine, additional coordination of relevant working groups, communication with international partners.

The NSDC Secretary Mr. Danyliuk noted that all aspects of information security are among the priority areas of the Council's work. "Ukraine has already made great progress in building the data infrastructure of governmental organizations, so it's high time to protect that data. And we want to offer new mechanisms for such protection", - he said.

According to Mr. Gurskyi, the key areas of work for 2019-2020 will be, in particular, establishing international partnerships and attracting foreign experts, improving public-private partnership mechanisms in the field of information security; implementation of best practices through cooperation with the IT sector; conducting a broad educational campaign and training for civil servants.

The full strategic plan and a working group will be presented in the fall of 2019. A series of working meetings and public expert discussions will also be held to finalize the strategy implementation directions.

Denys Gursky is Chairman of the Board of SocialBoost and co-founder of the 1991 Open Data Incubator and 1991 Civic Tech Center.