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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine16.07.2019, 15:04

Oleksandr Danyliuk: It is quite possible to implement important reforms in the sphere of security and defense

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Danyliuk believes that the implementation of important reforms in the field of security and defense is quite possible.

"At least four attempts of systemic reforms have already taken place in Ukraine, but we still can't cross the Rubicon, after which we can confidently say that the reforms are implemented and the system is working", - Mr. Danyliuk said speaking at the forum "Establishing justice - an agenda for the future parliament" on Tuesday in Kyiv.

The NSDC Secretary noted that reforms are hindered by "people who do not want to give up decades of enrichment schemes".

At the same time, Mr. Danyliuk stated that now "it is virtually the first time that an opportunity to turn the tide has emerged. The president is an out-of-system politician who has the desire, and most importantly, the political will to change".

"The NSDC also has its own reform tasks. I am talking about the defense-industrial complex, the SSU and intelligence", - Mr. Danyliuk noticed.

According to the NSDC Secretary, in order to implement the reforms, first, "everyone must understand the rules of the game and their areas of responsibility". "One should stop avoiding duties and shifting the blame to other shoulders", - Mr. Danyliuk stressed.

Second, decision-making should be as transparent as possible: "Speaking specifically about the security and defense sector, the principle of minimum appropriate secrecy should be implemented in procurement. Top secrecy creates the same shadow in which corruption in conflicts of interest thrives, so it should be applied only when it is impossible to be without it".

Third, democratic civilian control systems need to be put in place. "The Verkhovna Rada and society must have real leverage on security and defense", - he said.

Mr. Danyliuk informed that to implement the reforms, a Coordination Center for Defense Industry Reforms was created under the NSDC, which works on improving defense legislation and reforming the public procurement process. "We have to overcome corruption once and for all", - the NSDC Secretary stated. - Corruption that leads to the use of low-quality weapons and protection is a loss of life and health. We will do our utmost to provide our army with quality weapons and equipment".