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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine03.07.2019, 14:51

Oleksandr Danyliuk: I will direct the work of the NSDC of Ukraine at key topical challenges

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine should undergo significant changes as it is a key assisting structure to the President of Ukraine. This was stated by Secretary of the Council Oleksandr Danyliuk in an interview with the "Ukrayinska Pravda" online newspaper.

According to him, the aim of the NSDC of Ukraine is to seek answers to the key security challenges facing the country. "We have many such challenges, and they are constantly growing. And now the NSDC has to perform its function of strengthening the President. To that end, the NSDC should undergo major changes", - Mr. Danyliuk noticed.

He stressed that the most important vector of the system of ensuring national security is now the issue of military conflict in the East of Ukraine. "The absence of active hostilities now, as compared to 2015, does not mean anything. If we analyze the motivation and behavior model of the Russian leadership, we understand that this is always a nearby threat. We must be permanently on alert", - Mr. Danyliuk said.

The NSDC Secretary also pointed out that he would orient the NSDC's activities, in particular, on cybersecurity. "I am establishing ties with key players in the world - Israel and the United States. We should not trail behind, we must be a reliable partner. Because it's a global story", - he said.

Among the key NSDC's activities, Mr. Danyliuk also mentioned energy security and security sector reform as the priority areas of work. "There should be a platform for evaluating these risks in a timely manner and proposing solutions. We should not wait until a problem materializes, we should immediately do something that will help us avoid problems", - the NSDC Secretary added.

In addition, responding to the journalist's question about the Secretary's workplace and cabinet Mr. Danyliuk noticed that he has a cabinet at the Presidential Administration on Bankova street but to work more efficiently, he will stay more at the NSDC Staff on Petra Bolbochana street. "I always have a priority of working with my team. I did the same while being the Minister of Finance - and this allowed me to achieve qualitatively better results. Because if I am constantly in contact with the president, then I'm just a single advisor. And I need to build processes in the NSDC Staff so that people can work, develop solutions - this will bring much more benefit. To do this, we need to work more in the NSDC Staff", - the NSDC Secretary emphasized.