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HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine05.10.2018, 11:22

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov and Head of the National Security Bureau of the Republic of Poland Pawel Soloch discussed the trending areas of cooperation in the security and defense sector

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov and Head of the National Security Bureau of the Republic of Poland Pawel Soloch, who is paying a two-day visit to our country, discussed the trending areas of cooperation in the security and defense sector.

Mr. Turchynov thanked Poland for the continued support of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression and restoration of territorial integrity, its steadfast position on preservation of sanctions against the Russian Federation. He also informed that on September 3, this year, the President of Ukraine submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a draft law on amendments to the Constitution regarding Ukraine's aspirations to join NATO and the European Union: "Poland's experience in reforming the security structures and joining NATO the signpost that helps us on this path", - the NSDC Secretary said.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the situation in the east of Ukraine, Russia's attempts to undermine the peaceful process of conflict resolution and the threat to European security due to the Kremlin's aggressive actions. The NSDC Secretary emphasized the participation of Russian troops in hostilities against the Joint Forces, shelling of the positions of Ukrainian military with the use of prohibited weapons, the militarization of the Crimea and Russia's aggressive actions in the Sea of Azov. In this context, Mr. Turchynov informed that the NSDC of Ukraine approved a set of measures aimed at protecting national interests in the southern regions, waters of the Azov and Black Seas: "Our task is to build up forces and means to repel Russian aggression. According to the NSDC decision, over 5% of GDP is spent on security and defense every year", - he noticed.

In addition, speaking about the level of protection against cyberagression, which is part of the hybrid war, the NSDC Secretary informed that "in fact, over several years of persistent work in this direction, Ukraine has reached the level of many European countries".

Mr. Turchynov and Mr. Soloch stressed the fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in the military, defense, and military-technical spheres, and called for its expansion, as well as for further deepening of bilateral cooperation between the special services.

In this context, the NSDC Secretary expressed the opinion on the prospect of joint research and production projects in high-precision and high-tech weapons, which should significantly strengthen the defense potential of both states and open up new joint opportunities in the security sphere.

The issue of cooperation within the framework of the transition of the Armed Forces Ukraine to NATO standards was also discussed. In this context, the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine stressed that our country is interested in the experience of Poland "as a new member of NATO", as the domestic security and defense sector is now being reformed in accordance with the Alliance's standards. He also stated that the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to share their combat experience acquired in the conditions of countering Russian aggression.

In turn, Pawel Soloch underscored that "Poland is Ukraine's strategic partner, and our security is inextricably bound to the security of your country", adding that his country constantly reminds the NATO allies about Ukraine's strategic role for European security. "No Western state spends so much on security and defense. What Ukraine does for its defense and the fact that, despite military actions, you are reforming the security and defense sector, deserves great respect. This is the "trump card" that can be used to build up cooperation with NATO", - he said.