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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine07.03.2018, 19:47

Address of First Deputy to the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleg Hladkovskiy to the media

Due to the recent publication on the "Ukrayinska Pravda" website of accusations against me, I deem it necessary to explain the following.

According to Article 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine, bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government and their officials are obliged to act only on the grounds, within the limits of authority, and in the manner envisaged by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine. Therefore, within the limits of my authority, I can not influence the decision of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and I have never done so.

I also want to remind that in 2014 I withdrew from the management of all the companies that are part of Bogdan Corporation. I do not currently take any managerial decisions related to the business processes of this structure. Therefore, allegations of lobbying the products of the corporation without any evidence and facts cast a shadow on me as an official and citizen of Ukraine.

I have the greatest respect for journalism, but I ask you not to use unverified information. In my turn, I am ready to promote in every way possible that journalists, in particular, the author of the given article, receive objective information.