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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine22.02.2017, 16:09

Oleksandr Turchynov: Only a strong national state can ensure the survival and development of independent Ukraine

Only a strong national state can ensure the survival and development of independent Ukraine, and the building of such state should become our key priority. This was stressed by Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov during his speech at the operational meeting of the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Mr. Turchynov analyzed in detail the current situation in Europe and the world in general pointing up the destructive actions of the Russian Federation.

"Again, as in Soviet times, Russia is waging a hybrid war, which provides a comprehensive and coordinated application, subordinated to a single plan, of political-diplomatic, economic, energy, public outreach, cyber, military and other subversive activities. Moreover, such war is waged not only against Ukraine but against the West in general and Europe particularly, - he stated.  The war against Ukraine becomes an important step in the preparation of the Russian Federation to the great war and demonstration of the claims for global leadership and redistribution of influence in the world". "Despite sanctions and economic turmoil, the Russian Federation will long remain a source of military aggression, security threats and generator of instability", - Oleksandr Turchynov added.

According to him, given the global realities, Ukraine should "clearly define its priorities". "Only a strong national state can ensure the survival and development of independent Ukraine, and such state is based on the powerful Armed Forces, other military formations, reliable and efficient security sector, - he said. - The building of such a state should become our key priority. A state that will be able to protect the vital interests of Ukrainians - state sovereignty, freedom, and dignity, to ensure economic development, acquisition of innovative technologies and new markets. At the same time, we should be guided by our national interests and not by 20-years-old ideas set out in fundamentally different terms".

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine emphasized the importance "to continue the reform course, not fly off the handle to vain and destructive populism, which can in a short time destroy all the gains received by Ukrainians in a heavy struggle over the last three years".

"The main task of our state is to protect every citizen, every family from the horrors of war and tyranny. In a state of law, no political or social status, no profession can be regarded as those discharging from liability, - he stressed. - Our fundamental principle should become the spread of a human's freedom to the extent where another human's freedom begins. A free human in a free country is not a slogan but a guide to the future".

Mr. Turchynov expressed confidence that Ukraine has every reason not only to survive but to become a regional leader capable of protecting not only itself but its allies as well. "Only a strong, independent, national state can force to reckon with its interests, to change the attitude towards itself. This refers not to an alternative to European integration but the real way to it. We should not scratch the closed door but rather get invited as a strategic partner that has no alternatives!"- he said.

 Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine noticed that "although no one except us is interested in the emergence of a new strong player in Europe, we should ensure the strengthening and development of the Ukrainian state basing on the full mobilization of our main resource - human potential".

"A strong Ukrainian state is the guarantee of our independence and dynamic development, it is a common cause of all Ukrainian people", - he concluded.