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Valentin Petrov: Ukrainian information resources today are already a challenging prey for international hackers

Ukraine has significantly rearranged the system of countering aggression in cyberspace. This was announced by Head of Service on Issues of Information Security of the Staff of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Valentin Petrov in his interview with "The Ukrainian Week" magazine.

According to him, previously the issues of cybersecurity for government leaders were kind of fiction. "The government listened to the reports and recommendations of the experts, but everything ended up in mere talks: funds were lacking and political will - even more", - Valentin Petrov noted.

"However, - the Head of Service on Issues of Information Security of the NSDC Staff underlined, - Ukrainian information resources today are no longer an easy prey for international hackers".

According to Mr. Petrov, this became possible thanks to the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine approved by the President's decree in 2016 - the country received this field-specific legal document for the first time since independence.

"In the summer of 2016, the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center under the NSDC of Ukraine started to work, and we managed to legally identify the objects of critical infrastructure and the procedure for the formation of their list", - he pointed out and added that recommendations for avoiding negative consequences of cyberattacks have also been worked out.

Moreover, Valentin Petrov stated that it was with the advent of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center, designed to minimize the negative effects of cyberattacks, that Ukraine has established coordination between the main defenders of cyberspace - the Cyberpolice, the Security Service and the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection.

At the same time, he stressed that the process of cybersecurity development is severely complicated and impeded by the outdated norms of certain laws. In particular, there is still no effective mechanism in Ukraine for bringing to responsibility for violation of security requirements, and the ability of public authorities to investigate cybercrimes is limited significantly.

"However, the implementation by Ukraine of the Convention on Cybercrime will help to eliminate these drawbacks ensuring the balance between limitations and preservation of freedom of citizens", - the Head of Service on Issues of Information Security of the NSDC Staff summarized.