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For the NATO countries, Ukraine's experience of conducting military operations is crucial - Head of the NSB of Poland at the meeting with the NSDC Secretary

For the NATO countries, Ukraine's experience of conducting military operations is crucial - Head of the National Security Bureau (NSB) of the Republic of Poland Pawel Soloch stated at the meeting with Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

The Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland (NSB) is paying a visit to Ukraine under the Protocol on cooperation between the Staff of the NSDC of Ukraine and the NSB of the Republic of Poland.

During a briefing for the media representatives after the meeting, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated that Poland was and remains an important strategic partner of Ukraine.

"Our countries have much in common. And even in the history of our countries, there are more things that unite us than divide. Both Ukraine and Poland experienced the terror of Russian imperialism and communism", - he said adding that attempts to embroil our people are working on the Russian aggressor.

Among the issues discussed by the parties, according to Mr. Turchynov, - is cooperation in the security and defense sector, reforming of the Armed Forces and other power structures, and the transition to NATO standards taking into account the Polish experience.

"We have many interesting and promising projects in the defense sector, which are related to the production of high-quality weapons and military equipment. But I am convinced that we can raise the bar even higher, creating new joint ventures, and other projects that will make for the strengthening of defense capabilities of Poland and Ukraine", - he noticed. Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine expressed gratitude to the Polish colleagues concerning non-recognition of the elections in the occupied territory of the Crimea.

"Poland also actively supports the position of the extension of sanctions against Russia until the Kremlin will not stop its aggressive policy", - he added.

"And today, when we see the occupation of the Crimea, the war in Donbas, cruelty and aggression of Russian troops in Syria, the transfer of offensive missile weapons capable of carrying nuclear power to the Kaliningrad region - we understand that today Russia is the main factor of danger in Europe and in the world. In this issue, we have no differences", - the NSDC Secretary noted.

"I have a firm belief that Poland and Ukraine have a common European future", - Mr. Turchynov underlined. In his turn, Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Pawel Soloch noted that cooperation between the NSB and the NSDC of Ukraine has a "permanent working nature" and is a reflection of bilateral cooperation at the highest level. In this context, he informed that in Poland, they are expecting the visit of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in early December this year.

"Our goal is a shared vision and common understanding of the future, not looking back at the past", - Mr. Soloch said stressing that Poland and Ukraine are strategic partners. "And, of course, the most important question we are working on is that Ukrainian issue is not forgotten, not pushed "on the margins" of international politics, - Pawel Soloch noted. - And that among politicians there should exist understanding that the issue of Ukraine's security is not only the issue of security of Poland and the Baltic countries, - the so-called NATO's eastern flank, - but the question of European international security".

According to the Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, this was proved by the adoption of a comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine at the NATO Warsaw Summit in July this year. For the time being, he said, we need to implement the measures envisaged by the Package.

The NSB Head informed that during the meeting, an exchange of experiences on the approximation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to NATO standards was conducted. He pointed out that for the Alliance, Ukraine's experience of conducting military operations is crucial. "We constantly remind our partners in Europe who is the aggressor and who is the injured party, the Head of the NSB of Poland also noticed. - In the process of implementation of the Minsk agreements, we constantly put emphasis on this".

 "In the opinion of Poland, when it comes to sanctions, the causes leading to their imposition were not eliminated. These sanctions should be extended and maintained", - he stressed. Pawel Soloch also stated that Poland supports Eurointegration aspirations of Ukraine, in particular, in terms of establishing visa-free regime, and stressed that Poland highly appreciates Ukraine's achievements on its way to reform, especially given the fact "that they are implemented in conditions of hostilities in Donbas".

"I want to assure you that Poland's main objective is to save the unity and partnership with Ukraine - brotherly and friendly country - at the NATO and the European Union levels in order to preserve a united front against the aggressor", - the Head of the National Security Bureau of Poland concluded.