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Oleksandr Turchynov: Putin created his own parody of the National Guard of Ukraine

Russian President Volodymyr Putin, studying and copying the Ukrainian experience, created his own national guard, which is a "turnkey's parody of the National Guard of Ukraine". "Russian "national guard" was created to destroy freedom and democracy", - Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated during celebrations on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Rapid response brigade and presentation of the Battle Flag of the unit.

 "Our guard defends freedom of Ukrainians, democracy in the state, its independence and sovereignty, - Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine stressed. - And that is why Ukrainians support and honor their guard". He noted that the National Guard has "no rear because it is conducting warfare not only against the external but also against the internal enemy, protecting from its insidious provocations the lives of our citizens".

He recalled the events of late August last year, when near the Verkhovna Rada the fighters of the National Guard "with their blood and lives" defended democracy and parliamentarism. NSDC Secretary also noticed that during the military actions in Donbas 177 servicemen of the National Guard died, 737 were injured.

Mr. Turchynov pointed out that the Rapid response brigade, equipped with powerful weapons, was created to "stop any enemy anywhere in the state", to neutralize and destroy it. The fighters of the Brigade, according to him, were trained by the best instructors according to high NATO standards, taking Ukrainian combat experience into account.

"Among you, there are a great many of true professional warriors, who passed the heroic way from Sloviansk to Savur-Mohyla, from Stanytsia Luhanska to Mariupol and Shyrokyne. Today you received the battle flag. I believe that this flag will be in brave good hands, it will be covered not with dust, but with the glory of our victories!", - Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine stated, addressing the fighters.

At Mr. Turchynov's suggestion, those present held a moment of silence for the memory of the perished fighters of the National Guard.

The events on the territory of the training center of the National Guard of Ukraine were also attended by Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Lieutenant-general Yuriy Allerov. The heads of the force structures awarded the best servicemen who established themselves while completing the tasks during ATO.