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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine20.05.2016, 19:43

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine approved the Strategic defense bulletin

On Friday, May 20, a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took place.

During the meeting, the Strategic defense bulletin defining the key tasks and directions of reforming of the defense sector of Ukraine was approved. This document, which was prepared in close cooperation with the advisers of the NATO member states, stipulates the development of Ukraine's defense capabilities until 2020, reforming of the Armed Forces according to NATO standards, and strengthening of the democratic civilian control in the defense sphere.

Strategic defense bulletin determines specific tasks and strict deadlines for their completion. On its basis, the strategic planning in the defense sector will be ensured, which will be translated into corresponding state programs. The adoption of the bulletin is a significant step towards the strengthening of the defense potential of Ukraine and its Euro-Atlantic integration.

A range of issues concerning the execution of defense tasks and development of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine were also discussed.

In particular, it is planned to significantly improve the system of state management in this sphere, specific measures regarding the development of the capacity of defense enterprises providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations with modern arms and military equipment are defined.

The problems of financing of the State defense order and important military programs due to lack of legislative support of the filling of the special fund of the State budget were also considered. In this context, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine was assigned to take immediate steps to resolving this issue and ensuring the full funding of the defense and security sector.

Apart from that, the NSDC members addressed the issue of the special restrictive measures (sanctions) - in accordance with the decision of the UN Security Council, personal, special, economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) against the citizens of Iran were eased.