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Oleksandr Turchynov: Putin is tangled in lies

Today during a press conference in response to a question about arrested in Ukraine Russian GRU officers captain Erofeev and sergeant Alexandrov, who were detained in Donbas, Putin began to get confused in his year old testimony.

"We have never said that there are no Russian military in Donbas... but that does not mean that regular Russian troops are currently there", - he said.

I would like to remind that already for two years in a row Vladimir Putin has been telling one and the same thing: there are no Russian troops in the East of Ukraine. Just recall a "live phone-in" with him, held last year, where literally the following was said: "This is all nonsense. There are no Russian troops, no special services, no instructors in the East of Ukraine. It is all local residents".

Today the locals under the pressure of indisputable arguments are already transforming into the Russian military. In this way, without batting an eyelash, Russian President tells lies, convinced that no one will stop him in his falsehood. One can predict that the time will come and Putin will be telling from the TV screens that he never denied the presence of regular army corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the territory of Ukraine. We are not surprised by the new trends of the Kremlin lies. Our task - to throw the Russian invaders (regular, irregular, GRU officers, FSB officers and all other scum), no matter how Putin calls them, out from Ukraine.