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National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

HomeNewsOrganization of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine02.09.2015, 19:18

Press release subsequent to the results of the meeting of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

On September 2nd a meeting of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine took place, during which a new draft of Military Doctrine of Ukraine was endorsed and suggested for approval by the President of Ukraine.

Military Doctrine of Ukraine is a conceptual document that analyzes the nature and character of modern military conflicts, defines the principles and ways to prevent their occurrence, the preparation of state to the threat of military conflict, the use of military force to protect state sovereignty, territorial integrity and other vital national interests.

Military Doctrine of Ukraine is based on the National Security Strategy of Ukraine and is the essential document for defense planning and the basis for drafting of concepts and state programs on reforming and development of the Armed Forces and other military structures, armament and military equipment, defense-industrial complex.

The draft has passed the public discussion with the involvement of both representatives of the state authorities of Ukraine and experts of NGOs as well as foreign advisors accredited with the Office of NATO in Ukraine.

The new Military Doctrine of Ukraine:

- defines the Russian Federation as military adversary of Ukraine and conditions of liberation of temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine;

- assumes the high probability of large-scale use of military force against Ukraine as the major threat to Ukraine's national security in the military sphere;

- confirms the abandonment of non-alignment policy and restoration of the strategic course on Euro-Atlantic integration;

- identifies the signs of occurring of armed conflict inside of Ukraine, including those inspired by foreign states;

- takes into consideration the increase of the role of informational-psychological operations;

- emphasizes on the need to improve the system of mobilization preparation and mobilization and substantial increase of the professional component in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military structures;

- formulates the measures of preparation of the state for defense, necessary for the restoration of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, as well as the tasks of development of defense and security potential of Ukraine as the necessary precondition to repel the armed aggression and so forth.

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine supported the suggestion of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine and decided to expand the list of legal entities and individuals of the Russian Federation and other countries in respect of which the sanctions are applied. These persons are engaged in terrorist activities, involved in financing of terrorism or other support of this criminal activity, as well as uphold in violation of international law the annexation of the part of territory of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

This decision derives from the need to efficiently respond to the ongoing armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, its supporting and financing of terrorist activities that has led to the infringement of territorial integrity of Ukraine, violation of rights and freedoms of our citizens, temporary occupation of the part of territory of Ukraine, numerous casualties, caused the actual and potential threats to national interests, national security and sovereignty of Ukraine.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine jointly with the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine and the Office of Prosecutor General of Ukraine are requested to ensure the implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of sanctions application.